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"Expert Advice and World Class Guidance On How To Achieve The Body and Health Of Your Dreams"

First of all you need to know I'm in my 40's an I'm a mother of 4 small children. I just went to see Bruno and asked Him if it was possible in some way to "tone up" a bit and maybe be able to bring back some of my "old body back", the one before I had my kids..well I went form %43.7 percent of body fat (obese) to %9 of fat body percent..I'd say that it was a bit more than just "tone up" lol. The truth is I have never, EVER imagine in my wildest dreams I'd be able to achieve this new, "better than ever" body shape in my life, and the best part is I had no surgical procedures, NO HEALTH RISK and of course not even one single scare from it, on the contrary I fell an look younger than ever LOL...besides being healthier and a being rewarded with real long lasting results; my investment was way much LESS EXPENSIVE and worthy than a plastic procedure or any kind of medical cosmetic treatment.



On top of all that, I was the kind of person I have never believed I would be able to stand on stage in a bikini  competition; and for I got shocked when I was surprised that  ended up placing within the top five winners!!...I was beyond myself...I have never was more proud of myself as all my love ones were as well. This was a life change experience for me and I have NEVER made it happen without Bruno's incredible help, support, knowledge and professionalism, but the key was that it was not in just one single area; but in every single necessary area to make it happen and "sync" all together when the time was right. His level of  experience and expertise is beyond any other professional I have ever worked with. I would  have to say that when you are working with Him is like working with 6 different professionals form diverse fields (Professional Fitness, Physiology Hormones and Biology Science, Nutrition, Supplementation, Psychology and Mindfulness) all at the same time and the best part is that He is capable to put it all your results together to make it work all in a detailed and accurate plan for your specific individual needs.

I have to say He is an incredible, humble and extremely knowledgeable professional. He support, believe an was so patience with me; always since the beginning He had the  vision, wisdom and capacity to see how much potential I had and how far could I go to become the best version of myself; even if I couldn't believe it or see it. Regardless my age or the fact me having 4 kids; He works so humanly close with me, week after week at so many levels and because of it His was able to assess and supervise and identify every time my  body and emotional responses allowing Him to be able to adjust and modified my plan on a weekly basis to ensure my continuous progress, if it is was need it.


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I even have to confess I was constantly doubting and questioning His unconventional techniques and I was challenging every week or so, telling him I didn't believe that it was working or I that I was not seeing any difference.

I learned so many valuable lessons that I will carry with me for life. Thank you for believing in me, even when I didn't. I will never forget that. 

Thank you Bruno!

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